2023 – 1st Price, monotype
GAÏA, Terre-Mère
PERSÉE I, Vaincre
Circle of the painters and the sculptors of Quebec

2021 – Gold Medal
ZENITH, Monotype-Print
Salle Royale, La Madeleine,
Paris, France

ZÉNITH - 12 x 9 po - 30.5 x 23 cm - 2019
2018 – Gold medal – Gravide I and Gravide II
Monotype, oil-based ink
Musée du Beffroi, Bruges, Belgium

2017 – Gold Medal for Abyme des hauteurs
Monotype oil ink, 9 cm x 21 cm
Beffroi Museum, Bruges, Belgium

Abyme des hauteurs Monotype, oil ink 9 cm x 21 cm

2017 – Silver Medal for Abyme de lumière
Monotype, oil ink
Alexandre-Dumas Media library, Villers-Cotterets , France

2016 – 3th Grant Price for Abyme de lumière
In Prints Media (Monotype)
Gala of the Circle of the painters and the sculptors of Quebec

2016 – Bronze Medal, Le Skieur, Monotype (European jury)
Distinctive Techniques
Museum of the Cordeliers, St Jean d’Angely, France

Le skieur Monotype, water ink 14 cm x 19,5 cm

2015 – Gold medal, Abysse I et Abysse II, Monotypes
Figurative border
Beffroi Museum, Bruges, Belgium

2014 – Great distinction for ÉPHÉMÈRE
Figurative border ( European jury)
Galleria La Pigna Rome, Italy

2014 – Silver medal  for EXTASE
Figurative border ( European jury)
Cangas, Espagne

Extase Ink and acrylic 76 cm x 50,5 cm

2013 – Bronze medal for INTERSECTION II,
Abstraction ( European jury)
Beffroi Museum, Bruges, Belgium

Intersection II Ink and acrylic 91,5 cm x 76 cm

2011 – Diplomas of honor in Bruges (Belgium) and Marennes (France) for the originality, the esthetic and technical value of its work and for its contribution to the brilliance of visual art on the international scene.