Chantal Fontaine Hébert holds a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Psychoanalysis and specialized training in Visual Arts, Illumination, Latin Calligraphy, Japanese and Arabic. She has published three collections of poetry.

Her job as a public writer has naturally brought her to the visual arts on a full-time basis. She has always been fascinated by the power of vowels, consonants, syllables and words. She often incorporates letters into the heart of her works because she perceives visual signs suggestive and creative.

Her favorite mediums are inks, acrylic and gouache.

In her studio in Montreal’s Rosemont neighborhood, she paints and teaches visual arts, calligraphy and illumination.

Her works have been seen in Canada and in several European countries including France, Romania, Italy, Belgium and Spain and are part of various collections. She is a member of several professional associations.


The pictorial writing of Chantal Fontaine Hébert was inspired at first by the language of the literature or, the paper, the ink, the signs and the letters where the amplitude of the gesture allows a more abstract conception. Through the calligraphy from Asia and the Middle East, she discovered the poetry and the strenght of the unconscious.

Her exploration of several techniques leads her towards the printed arts, in this case the monotype. Her work is always imbued by the balance but also the imbalance of the elements. She analyzes the unconscious gesture and carries to the center of her works the dialogue between the me and the unconscious through a process which is next to the effects of the hazard.

Observer, her source of inspiration comes from feelings of the body and the spirit that arise when his gaze is on the life around her.